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Amaze Credit Lowest Interest Personal Loan 2018

At Amaze Credit, we offer one of the Lowest Interest Rates Personal Loan in Singapore. You can compare our rates with other licensed moneylenders and will find that we are one of the most affordable ones in the market. Our team of financial consultant works with every client to cater a loan package that fully suit their needs. Worried that money lenders will dig out your credit history? We are here to help. Our loan processing does not include the tedious credit checks, which discriminate against those with poor credit scores. At Amaze Credit, our customers come first and we guarantee to provide flexible services that will meet your needs.

Our tailored loan products is designed to meet any unique short-term or long-term financial needs our clients have and we are committed to exceeding your expectations. With our best rated instant personal loan, you can meet any type of financial needs be it emergency use, home renovation works, a much needed vacation, special occasion such as wedding or any other pressing financial need.

Trust our team to give you a timely solution that will make your life better. We treat all clients with the highest regard and this has made us the most recommended lenders in Singapore. Our customer ratings are high and we pride ourselves on getting most of our new clients from referrals. You can also contact us at any time if you are facing some form of difficulty in repayment, and our financial team will make every effort to help you get back on track.

Our loan tenure is ranged from minimum 2 months (61 Days Onward) to maximum of 18 months and The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of our Personal Loan is minimum 12% to maximum of 36% per annum on reducing interest rate for 1 years tenure.

Eligibility Terms for a Low Interest Personal Loan With Us

To qualify for our personal loans, you should meet these requirements:

  • Be 21 years old and above

  • A Singapore citizen with an NRIC, permanent resident (PR) or foreigner with an S-Pass/Employment Pass Holder.

  • Not an undischarged bankrupt, nor facing any bankruptcy proceeding

The Documents You Are Required to Have

To be eligible for our low interest personal loan, you are required to have:

  • NRIC

  • Latest 3 months payslip

  • CPF contributions for the last 6 months or more

  • Income Tax Statement

  • Original PUB or Mobile bill reflecting your residential address

  • Passport, tenancy agreement and employment pass for foreigners

We have make it a way so that our clients can easily access our personal loans by filling an online loan application form and attaching the required documents. You just need to sign the agreement to get your cash disburse within an hour once your loan has been approved.

Why Choose Amaze Credit Reliable Personal Loan?

Our loan features that stand out from the crowd :

  • Custom loan packages: Our customised loan package system is designed and cater to each and individual client who have special requirement. We have a team of highly trained financial consultant completely prepared to walk you through all your lending options.

  • Fast Approval: Our loans are the fastest in terms of approval. Once you submit all the document, you will get a reply to your loan application status within an hour. You don’t have to wait for weeks to get the final word on your loan application.

  • Minimum credit-checks: If you have a bad credit history, not to worry. We don’t want to exclude anyone from our obtaining our excellent loan products and our Singapore Personal Loan processing does not include the tedious credit checks, which discriminate against those with poor credit scores.

  • Flexible repayment scheme: Our flexible repayment scheme for Personal Loan Singapore allows our borrowers to schedule the repayment dates at their own comfort for repayment to be done promptly. You can contact us at any time if you are facing some form of difficulty in repayment, and our financial team will come up with an alternative repayment scheme.

  • No hidden charges: At Amaze Credit, we don’t offer loan products with concealed charges and this makes us a standout amongst the most recommended unsecured loan companies in the city. 

  • Confidential services:  We at Amaze Credit ensure that all your information remains safe with us and our database is fully secured. We do not share or divulge any information for any reason.

  • Easy access and quick processing: You can easily access our quick personal loans by filling in an online loan application form and we have streamlined our loan process so that you can access your funds inside the briefest measure of time.

Amaze Credit Favourable Over Other Lenders


Our reliable and efficient services have carried us to the top among money lending institutions in Singapore, a fact that is well represented among the thousands of satisfied clients who have used our services to date. This has made us the most recommended licensed moneylender in the country. We strive to protect this reputation by offering the most exquisite financial services to all our clients and adhere to the highest level of ethics and professionalism.

If you’re looking for any type of loan, go no further than Amaze Credit. Apply for a fast cash loan with us and we will not disappoint you.

Get in touch with us today and let us help achieve your life’s dream. We’re always there for you. Call us now at +65 6222 0093, email at or Apply Personal Loan Online now.

Amaze Credit - Best Lowest Interest Rates Personal Loan Provider in Singapore 2018

Making dreams work out as expected in today's cash driven circumstances is unrealistic without cash in hand. Regardless of whether you need to unite high loan fee obligations, back an occasion trip with your friends and family or escape unexpected conditions that causes considerable lack of assets and even enthusiastic anxiety, we are sure to offer assistance.

Look for Amaze Credit Today.

At Amaze Credit, we provide legitimate, low rate, quick and fast personal loans to help meet the unexpected or arranged expenses. We comprehend that unanticipated situation can emerge whenever and our customised personal loan packages are designed and cater to counterbalanced any here and now or long-term monetary needs with very aggressive financing costs. We are Singapore’s go-to company when it comes to financial services and one of the top rated finance provider with years of involvement in the monetary business, making us the best financing elective to banks. At Amaze Credit, we have put intensely in a team of highly trained financial consultants who is always prepare to give clients advise that will help them make the right choices.

General Information On Personal Loan

  • Above stated exclude administrative fee.

  • Cost of borrowing stated is an estimation and may vary due to loan amount, period of loan and other fees such as late fee and late interest rate may be charged in the event of violation on terms & conditions.

  • Your actual credit amount and interest rate will be based on your individual credit profile and affordability.

  • Tables above are for illustration purposes only. You should seek advice from your adviser or consultants before making any financial decisions.