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1. What is the process to apply for a loan?​

The loan process at Amaze Credit is fairly simple. All you need to do is submit a request along with your personal details. As soon as we receive your request, one of our adept team member will get back to you and provide you all the details. To check about the eligibility, you can visit the Eligibility page.

2. How do I know when my loan is approved?

We will inform you via call, sms or email once your loan is approved. Thereafter, we will arrange a time and date for you to head down to our office to complete the neccessary short paperwork and receive your cash loan.

3. What if I cannot make it during the operation hours?

Simply call any of our consultants and let them know your preferable meeting time and we will make exceptional arrangements for you.

4. May I know the reason for not approving my loan?

Lenders follow guidelines for approving a loan, if you are not within their eligibility criteria, then they have the rights to reject your loan without providing a reason for that.

5. Is it possible to get a loan with a bad credit history?

Based on case by case basis, we will try our best to customise a loan package that best suits your needs and ability.

6. Currently i possess 1 loan with Amaze Credit, am i allowed to take an additional loan?

We abide by Singapore’s money lender act, therefore you are eligible provided your existing loan meets some of the neccessary prerequisites, contact us to speak to us about this and we will gladly help you.

7. What are the modes of repayment available?

You can choose to repay your loan installments through ATM Transfers, ATM Deposits, Bank Deposits, or Internet Transfer to any of our local bank accounts.

8. Is a Guarantor needed?

We do not need a guarantor in most cases.

9.Are there any fees if I would like to make an early redemption?

No, not only will there not be any additional fee incurred, there is even an interest rebate for full early repayment!
The earlier you make your full early repayment the more interest you’ll save on!

10. What To Bring

  • Identity Card

  • Proof of Residence (Recent Bill or Letter addressed to you.)

  • Remember your Singpass Password

  • Proof of Employment

      (a) For Salaried Employed: Staff Pass or Recent Payslip
      (b) For Self-Employed: Notice of Assessment for the past 2 years

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