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SME Business Loans In Singapore

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Journey Of Amaze Credit in Brief

We are a homegrown business that started as a dream to nurture other local businesses. Our short to medium-term best business loan packages are created flexibly to cater for SME businesses at various stages of the growth cycle.  Whether you are expanding or you are facing a cash flow problem during an emergency, just give us a call. Our specialist financial consultant are at hand to evaluate your financial needs and provide a quick solution.

We are a legal and licensed moneylender operating under the guidelines of IPTO, which is the regulatory body for moneylenders in the country. Our company has grown on a foundation of trust and customer satisfaction. We distinguish ourselves by providing 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our financial products and we are proud to receive over 90% of our business from referrals and return business.

We have invested in a team of highly qualified financial consultant who will provide you with specialist advice when you are choosing from our range of loan packages. We want to see your business remain healthy, and you as the entrepreneur remain on top of your financial obligations. We appreciate how hard running a business in the country can get and our streamlined loan process is aimed at making things simpler for entrepreneurs.

Amaze Credit Lowest Interest Rates Business Loan

A study published in the Business Insider shows that 50-70% of startups fail within the first two years of operations. The main problem according to the findings is due to cash flow issues among other mistakes.. Our mission is to help you enhance your cash flow even when the economic climate is stifled. Having established our business in a volatile economic period we appreciate how hard it is to access capital in the formative years of your business operations.

Our Singapore Business Loan will give you the boost you need to take on business challenges. We will be able to hand you the immediate cash you need with minimal hassle. And you can repay this cash loan over short or long term. We have helped hundreds of businesses to stay afloat in the current slow economic situation and we believe you can take advantage of our innovative loan products to keep your business afloat or enable further development to stay ahead of the pack.

Our loan tenure is ranged from minimum 2 months (61 Days Onward) to maximum of 24 months and The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of our Business Loan is minimum 12% to maximum of 36% per annum on reducing interest rate for 1 years tenure.

Our Loan Process

We understand how hard it is for a business to run without the proper amount of cash flow. Without collateral, it is impossible to get funding from traditional lenders. At Amaze Credit, our online business loan application is very simple and straightforward. We have instituted a streamlined application process and make it easier for clients to apply and get quick approval. Our guarantee is to ensure that your loan applications are processed in the shortest time possible

To qualify for our low interest business loan products, kindly fill in the online application and provide the following:

  • NRIC copies of the business directors.

  • Most recent ACRA printout

  • Company Bank Statements for the last 3 to 6 months

  • Company P & L Statements for the last 3 to 6 months

  • Income Tax Statements

  • Tenancy Agreement for the current business premises

Our packages are designed to make the online business loan application and processing as smooth as possible and guarantee your business get the much needed cash injection as fast as possible.

Why Choose Amaze Credit Business Loan Singapore?

Although there are alot of moneylenders in the country but here are some unique features that make our loan products stand out:

  • Easy application and processing: You don’t have to come to our offices for a loan application. Get the required documents prepared, fill in the online form and our financial consultant will get back to you immediately.

  • Flexible repayment schedule: Our repayment scheme are not set in stone. On the contrary, we have a team of financial consultant who will analyze your business statements as well as your expenses and potential for the future in order to tailor-make a repayment schedule which can best work for your business.

  • Flexible loan products: Every business is unique and we believe in offering tailor-made business loan that suit a particular company’s needs.

  • No credit-checks: To make the processing faster, we don't do any tedious credit checks to keep you waiting for weeks and to ensure more businesses benefits from our products.

  • Tip-Top customer service: We have highly trained financial consultant who are ready to respond to any concerns and will help you buy the right loan product for your business. Feel free to speak to us any time.

Whether you are expanding or you are facing a cash flow problem during an emergency, our Low Interest Rates Business Loan Singapore product is the best. Get in touch with our team and cushion your investment against any cash flow limitations.

We want to help your investment thrive. Call us now at +65 6222 0093, email at or Apply Online Business Loan now.

Amaze Credit - Trustworthy SMEs Business Loan in Singapore

Entrepreneurship in Singapore is tougher than ever. With economic shifts pointing to a slowing global economy, you expect problems in cash flow, which can be devastating for small or medium businesses. Look no further than your best and trusted partner Amaze Credit.

At Amaze Credit, we understand that every business is unique and you will have unique needs and requirements for your business loan. We are determined to help businesses meet their goals through our Flexible SME Business Loans. With our fast approval business loan products, you can diversify your operations by expanding your business, improve your working capital or even invest in your inventory. Our small business loans are designed to meet the needs and requirements of different businesses. In addition to this, we offer the fastest approval business loans in Singapore and our interest rates are very competitive as well.

Amaze Credit is now providing a legal alternative to traditional lending for businesses that are looking for financing. We are offering a way out for small and medium enterprises through our specialized SME Loan products. We are one of the most reliable and trusted names in business financing in the country and we are committed to spurring growth by helping SMEs.

General Information On Business Loan

  • Above stated exclude administrative fee.

  • Cost of borrowing stated is an estimation and may vary due to loan amount, period of loan and other fees such as late fee and late interest rate may be charged in the event of violation on terms & conditions.

  • Your actual credit amount and interest rate will be based on your individual credit profile and affordability.

  • Tables above are for illustration purposes only. You should seek advice from your adviser or consultants before making any financial decisions.